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Welcome to our 24/7 coven candle

our coven candle burns all day and all night, ready for you to 'tune in' and connect with the coven whenever you need.

TO begin close your eyes and take 3 deep, grounding breaths. Allow yourself to settle, ground and release. When you feel ready simply open your eyes and focus on the Coven candle above.

You may wish to speak your intentions out loud, but it is not required. This candle is designed for you to have a quick call system for the universal energy needed to manifest what you deserve. 

You can also use the candle to connect directly to the coven to give us, as a whole, more strength and energy.
Simply meditating with this candle on the astral plane, connects you to all of our coven members all over the world.
SO much good work and healing can take place when we come together, free of restriction or judgement!

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you wish to pass any messages on.

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