10 Most Sinister Signs Your House is Haunted!

10 Most Sinister Signs Your House is Haunted!

You shrug it off when you hear some rapping on your walls.

The footsteps that woke you last night must have been part of a dream.

But trying to be reasonable can make you a fool.

Ignoring the spirits haunting you will make them ever more ghoulish, trying to get more attention.

Your house could become a playground, with puzzling signs popping up all around.

Doors will be open when you come home.

Objects will be out of place.

Scraping sounds.


Your senses ambushed by foreign smells.

You can try denying it.

But is it a ghost?

A spirit?

The undead?

Hauntings of various kinds are no laughing matter.

Here are ten signs that your home is haunted.

How to Know if Your House is Haunted (10 Sinister Signs)

10) Suspect Noises:

Sometimes quiet ones are the worst.

Little bumps and whooshes are the haunting moving about, making its next plans.

Crashes and howls are announcements it is there.

What does it want?

9) Items Disappearing:

Nothing gives one more consternation.

You know you left your electric bill on the kitchen table and when you come back from work it’s gone.

Things disappear when the whole family is out of the house.

These disappearances put you face-to-face with the unknown, with forces that are just beyond you.

If keys, clothes, and toys can disappear, what may be next?

8) Animals Acting Strange:

Is your dog seeing a shade, ghost, spirit?

Is she or he hearing it?

Or do they just have a very good intuitions?

If you’re not sure you may choose to call an investigation team in or check out our article on how to record EVPs. |CLICK HERE|

Whether your dog or cat or even bunny; is scared, excited or agitated. If you witness this along with other odd behavior, you may be experiencing a haunting.

7) Someone is Watching You:

A presence behind you.

It’s perched on the wall.

A roundish shape.

Or perhaps it’s focused more like a beam.

It follows you as you move.

Maybe it doesn’t mean you any harm.

It’s just curious…


6) Apparitions:

Your home is definitely haunted when you see frightening sights.

Faint human forms or little silhouettes that seem to be floating.

Dark or hard-to-distinguish blotches or forms.

You’re going to have to take action if you see these.

5) Visible Signs:

In some cases, the things that are haunting you seem to be angry.

They may be demons, or ghosts or witches.

In a rage, they may scrawl messages in your home.

They might leave little amulets or other ominous items.

There is no way to not feel chills of fear at the sight of such a thing.

4) Actual Contact:

It isn’t unheard of for people to be physically touched by spirits.

Sometimes these spirits from the other dimension can even punch, kick, scratch, and bite people.

Some experts believe that visitors from the spirit realm can’t always control their movements.

Or perhaps they can’t control their grief at no longer living among us.

3) Hot or Cold Zones:

Energies from ghosts or spirits can create very odd spots in rooms that are either very hot or very cold.

It’s one of the things that household pets notice.

These spots may not seem like much, but you ignore them at your peril.

2) Faint Sounds:

Little whimpers, whines, distant noises, can all be very clear signs of haunting.

Some of this is leakage from the underworld.

Some of it may be efforts to communicate.

1) Psychokinetic Phenomena:

When objects in your home move on their own, or appliances turn on or off, you’re in trouble.

You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to see it…

This is evidence of one thing only: your home is haunted.


You now know ten of the most sinister signs of your house being haunted.

If you ever find yourself scared and/or unable to deal with any entity that you believe is haunting you or your home; you can always reach out to the Phantom Coven for help and advice either in person or remotely.

Which signs have you experienced in your home?

Leave us a comment below to let us know!