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Home Blessing Oil

Home Blessing Oil: Recipe

Make up a batch of this home blessing oil recipe, before visiting our home blessing ritual page. Use all these herbs or just the ones you have on hand. Mix and match, it’s up to you!


  • To make the Oil

  • Clean glass jar or bottle

  • Sage, Palo Santo or Florida Water

  • Carrier Oil e.g. Olive or Grapeseed

  • Herbs (and their relevant qualities)

  • LavenderGood Luck, Love, Protection, Happiness, Calm

  • SageHealing, Tranquility, Purification, Wisdom, Protection

  • RosemaryProtection, Peace, Beauty

  • ThymeHealth, Intuition, Prosperity

  • Marjoram Protection, Love, Health, Happiness, Peaceful Home

  • MugwortSafe Journeys, Enhanced Psychic Abilities

  • Black SaltBanishing, Protection, Cleansing, Purification


  • Making the Blessing Oil

  • Take your glass jar and cleanse it with Sage, Palo Santo or Florida water.

  • Ask for the plant spirit blessing, for example: “I ask that the plant spirit of Palo Santo please infuse this space with blessings.”

  • Pick up the jar, fan it with smoke (or sprinkle it with Florida Water) as you say: “With this smoke (or water) I cleanse this object of all negative and harmful energy so that I may use it for my highest good. So it is said, so it shall be.”

  • Add all your herbs. Visualizing each one protecting your home and purifying it.

  • Add the Olive oil or another carrier oil.

  • Shake gently and thank the plant spirits for aiding you.

Now you've made it, head over to our Rituals page to find the corresponding spell-working. [CLICK HERE]

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