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My Entire Dare To Dream Workshop - Just For You!

I hope you find my Dare To Dream workshop insightful and helpful on your journey!

I have spent the last 6 years giving talks and workshops on this subject around the UK

& now for the first time,

I bring it to you directly from my Grimoire to yours.

May the light of our Coven shine light in your darkness!


Dream Discovery

When speaking about dreams I am reminded of the song, Colours of the Wind.

When one phrase says:

“You cannot own this Earth, until you know how to paint with all the colours of the Wind.”

Dreams are the same way. Explaining what happens within a dream and their many colours, is seemingly difficult to share.

It is as if we are living in dream, then we discover we are awake within this dream only to awake again and again.

So, we try to explain this place that has many places and many colours of the wind.


What is a Dream?

Dreams tend to be illusive fireflies that never seem to be completely captured, so we reason in our minds, or diminish their value by asking,

“Was that dream real?”

As children we are trained, dreams are not real, or told they mean nothing, so we close the door because we were told to do so. Yet even the most learned intellectual knows deep within their core that dreams are important to us and being fully human.

Then as adults, we are informed that we need to go to another person or source to find out what our dreams mean to us.

No one should ever interpret your dreams, except you!


Types of Dreams

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