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ZoZo Demon Ouija Board Stories

ZoZo Demon Ouija Board Stories

The ZoZo demon is believed to be real and many people around the world are said to be being tormented by this entity!

As time passes on unfortunately the numbers of people who have been effected by the ZoZo demon are staggering.

Every day I receive numerous emails from people who are not only curious about the demon, but also people who are scared and fearful by the negative consequences of communicating with ZoZo.

I am sharing some of these emails that were sent from around the world that all involve the demon and the Ouija board.

If you read these creepy ZoZo demon stories carefully many of them you will see many of them have the same traits.

  • Planchette rapid movements of figure eights

  • Poltergeist activity when the players want to close the sessions

  • Dark shadow figures during and after board sessions

  • False feelings of power over the unknown

  • Feelings of depression, and being watched after playing with the board

It is always important to remember that you are not alone, if you would like to share your ZOZO story please email us.


ZoZo Demon Story, (862) submitted by Kelly

Hi my name is Kelly and i believe especially after reading your information that ZoZo demon has attached itself to me. I always feel fear, or sadness and I tend to get very tired quickly. As time passes the demon is getting more physical, and I hear him occasionally. I innocently made contact with the ZoZo demon through a Ouija board last year while at a friends house, the session was nothing special or dramatic but the name that appeared on the board that one night has haunted me ever since. I

have always been into photography, taking pictures of close friends and family. However over the past year the demon as taken that away from me. I started noticing that after the session anyone who I would care about who I would take a recent photo of would be effected by ZoZo.

As weird as it may seem numerous people would ask me about my ZoZo experience only after I take their pictures, even though they had no previous knowledge of me even using a Ouija Board, or ZoZo. The demon would also distort my photos. I have photos where you can see a few different demons. Did I open a portal to hell? I feel now that I am always being watched and I am in constant state of fear.

Whenever I try to get help regarding this problem or I get to having answers on how to rid myself of it, the demon gets mad and destroys my photos by poltergeist activity. I do believe in god, I love him and i put crosses around everywhere, however I find the crosses torn to pieces after placing them on the wall. Sometimes I would even find scratch marks on the crosses themselves.

I recently did an EVP session in my house to see if I could document the activity or if I was simply going insane. When I asked ZoZo, “what is your purpose for being here” the response I got on the audio recorder was, “soul taker.” I still have not gotten rid of him and hes getting more noticeable. I realize they feed off fear but it is hard not to be scared.


“EDFE” Demon Story, (528) submitted by Anonymous

One fateful night me and my three other friends decided to play with a Ouija board at 11:00pm. After playing with the Ouija board for an hour we ended up talking to something that called itself Hue. After it spelled out its name it continually spelled out the letters “edfe” over

and over. We thought we were talking to “Hue” for over an hour but all three seemed to have lost time. All three of us woke up the next day wondering were the night went. Out of curiosity we decided to try to contact “Hue” for the next 4 days. Till this day I don’t know if it was out of curiosity or if it was an addiction. On each day after every unsuccessful attempt to contact “Hue” we would start fighting with each other. and openly wishing each other dead, however we would always regroup and try to contact it. On the last night one of my friends got possessed, while playing with the ouija board.

When my friend became possessed I tried to get rid of the planchette however my possessed friend grabbed my wrists, all I can remember is that her pupils were massive and her voice was terrifying, and they were not hers. The following day my friend blacked out and has ZoZo carved into her arm. Its been about a week and now and ZoZo is carved into the arm of my friend, the cut keeps getting deeper and deeper each hour and the hand writing is almost amazingly detailed.

My boyfriend unaware of the ouija board incidents called me last night crying on the phone saying that he had a dream were he witnessed all three of my friends death and mine, in which we all killed ourselves one after another.


ZoZo Demon Story, (301) submitted by Anonymous

So me and my ex just recently split up over something going that is going on regarding an experience she had on a Ouija board. She believes that the demon ZoZo is haunting ever since she played a Ouija board 3 years ago. She believes that by telling me her experience 5 months caused her to miscarry her baby. She recently has been having dreams of the demon (in which the demon tells her that she took the soul of her child) and they are causing her to be stranger every passing day.

The last time I saw her, I was going to visit her when I heard noises outside of the house I rushed in through the front door and discovered her sitting Indian style facing me. I ran up to her and barely lifted her head up as it was facing down. When I lifted her up I noticed that her eyes were black, black as the sky with no moon. She then said to me in a demonic voice, “WHAT YOU WANT”. Since the zozo demon ouija board scared me out of my mind, I ran to the nearest room and locked the door. She was only 95 pounds but I knew that it was not her but something far more sinister.

As I stood behind the locked door wondering what to do, I heard a loud thud, and two normal voices yelling “HELLO”. It turned out to be her younger sister and mother. Soon after I opened the door to find them standing over there my ex-girlfriend two cops came beating on the door asking for me. They eventually took my ex to the hospital only to find nothing wrong with her. Last week she tried to contact me however I am afraid to talk to her. Is she possessed by the demon ZoZo?


ZoZo Demon Story, (42) Submitted by Anonymous

I read your article and wanted to send in my experience. This might be a tad long story and I apologize. It starts off during my childhood. I probably started playing with and creating homemade Ouija boards around 8 or 9 years old . I didn’t know enough about them but was fascinated to the core. My older sister also played with the Ouija board which may be another reason why I was drawn to them as well.

My sister played with the Ouija board in her room. Over time the Ouija board sessions revealed things that we could never know at that time and we felt that by playing with the board that we had the power to make everything or anything happen. Ghosts, demons, hauntings, you name it. We felt as if the board and the entity ZoZo that we were in constant contact were giving us power.

As we played more and more with board things became more and more intense. The one day we saw objects move levitate across the room. We felt a weird sense of empowerment from the demon, which lead us to never say “goodbye” and we began to invoke other spirits.

Then, several months later, we started to notice dark figures and have things FLY at us. The shadow figures that I saw terrorized my sister so much that she could no longer stay in her alone. When I moved in to my sisters room (around 10) I became very depressed. Hoarding became an issue along with bugs and mice. The room turned into like a plague and my parents were seemingly unaware while it was like this. Trash built up to my knees within a few months and I turned into a sloth.

Another strange thing that my sister and I noticed is that during the time when ZoZo was tormenting us I would go months of waking up all backwards and naked. I knew I went to sleep with clothes on and facing one direction, but I would wake up a whole other way. The pillows in our room would get hot in spots and we would constantly experience shadow figures that would perch themselves next to me on the bed.

nightmares are a sign of demonic oppression.

I recall one night were I had an extremely vivid nightmare that involved a demon similar to the one that was tormenting since I started to play with the Ouija board. I remember waking up at 3am and telling the shadows to leave, as I was doing so I was physically pushed by the a shadow figure. I will never the wretched smell of the demon. Burnt Sulfur!

I knew at that point I had to stop playing with the Ouija board and anything in the occult. Till this day I always bless the ground, and building that I sleep in, and I have not mentioned my past interactions with ZoZo until now. That was in 2005. ZoZ0 is an extremely dangerous demon, this is a warning. I have been haunted by ZoZo pretty much my whole life, now it seems to be haunting my daughter.


ZoZo Demon Story, (904) submitted by Meagan

I have come into contact with this demon every time I have ever played with the ouija board. In July of 2017 me and 2 of my friends played ouija for the first time. Soon put our hands on the planchette we started to get rapid figure eights. At first I thought it was my friend moving the board but soon it spelled out the word ZOZO. Well as soon as that was answered the planchette turned straight towards me and all of a sudden I felt a strong force vibration and it flew off of the board and hit me in my face. We immediately closed it out and went out I was extremely shaken and scared. Since then I have had very bad anxiety, depression, and it seems to be worsening every day.


ZoZo Demon Story, (55) submitted by Anonymous

I’m here to report my sighting of ZOZO, or rather communication. Two weeks ago I was shopping with my friend at an antique store and we I saw an old ouija board that we thought would be fun to buy, and play with one night. However as soon as we got the board we felt the need to immediately go home and play with the new board. When started playing with the ouija board, we asked if it could tell us it’s name and replied with Z0Zo.

Besides spelling its name over and the demon ZoZo would always put the planchette into a figure eight until my friend got a bloody nose, and I received a mild headache. I am now scared that we suffered and payed the price for playing with the ouija board at the hands of ZoZo, and now I feel he is always watching me. Just last night I laid on my pillow and I saw demonic eyes that stared at me for three long seconds before disappearing into the night.


ZoZo Demon Story, (101) submitted by Anonymous

I have a demonic attachment that has span decades (2008 being the worst year) stemming from a child hood incident involving my mother and an Ouija Board. This experience seemed to be amplified by second mistake in 2008 which involved the mishandling of a ouija board an missing all the warning signs.

Never burn a Ouija Board.

In short my ex-girlfriend use to practice in the field of the Occult. I found the board during cleaning and the short version of events was that she came rushing home after I messed up and played with the board. She knew the exact time I burnt the board and ran to the bedroom hiding spot before i could even get a word in. Since then it keeps coming back for me. Sometimes once a year sometime less. I can keep it at bay with sage & prayer, I admit my sins and ask for forgiveness.

Former roommates and past land lords have all complained of exactly what I have witnessed. No matter how many times I move it keeps coming back. I know the name because I saw in written over and over and over among her items. ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO Even before she shot herself years later, I was asked by others if she was possessed.